Location: 5926 Goshen Springs Rd. Norcross, GA 30071
Instructor: Peter Sierck
Date: Sept 26-29 2017
Cost: $995

Exam Fee: $150 (payable to the IICRC)
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**WRT is a prerequisite**

Whether you specialize in water damage, sewage clean-up, or mold remediation or just handle the 'occasional' small flood, this class can help keep you out of trouble!  This class covers extremely valuable info such as:
  • 'Hands-on' learning containment construction, proper mold remediation, critical air flow requirements, and much more.........
  • Various guidelines, standards, & principles of remediation
  • Structural remediation & water. Setting up drying equipment, air scrubbers, and building containment  
  • Microbiology & health effects. Microorganisms-fungi, bacteria, viruses. Are they active or dormant?
  • Work procedures. Cleaning vs removal. ‘Contents’ remediation- clean or replace?
  • Personal protection, health, & safety. Are you dealing with life-threatening contamination?
  • Microbial sampling. Biocides & antimicrobial -determining when to use. Should you Ozone?
  • Sewage back-flows. E-coli, salmonella, shigella, pseudomonas, parasites, hepatitus A, rotovirus, adenovirus……WHAT ARE THEY AND ARE YOU PROTECTED? (hint: they can kill)
Sign in begins at 7:30 am. Class is from 8am-5pm daily and is a 4 day course. 
Class Price Does NOT include test fee. Payment is made directly to the IICRC on the date of test.  Certification exam fee cost is: $150