“Scott Mims is one of the industry’s foremost authorities on restoration topics.  A licensed contractor and Master Fire and Water Restorer with over a decade of experience, Scott’s firm still processes hundreds of fire, water and mold losses annually.  A dynamic personality and down-to-earth instructor”
– J.B. - Dothan, AL

Having sat through too many classes that are clearly taught to the lowest common denominator, I was thrilled to have an instructor that knew his stuff and could explain the information well.  He is a real-world restorer who applied common sense to the material.  WELL DONE SCOTT!  I strongly recommend this instructor for your next class.  
- Gregory C. - Atlanta, GA

Great course the hands on aspect was exactly what was needed. It allows you to put but knowledge into action thus making the knowledge easier to retain.
- Ken - Wisconsin

From registration to arrival, the instructor and staff of Disaster Academy have been exceptional.  The class was clear & concise with a wealth of information that was helpful.  I will use your manual in the future as a go to reference manual and on the job training for my staff.  Scott is an excellent instructor who is willing to assist in any way possible with sharing his knowledge of the industry.
- LaSonja - Albany, GA

The instructor taught the class very well, explained everything very thorough, and the class was very interesting.
- Rory - Birmingham, AL

Adam is very knowledgeable and afforded every opportunity to ask questions and go over harder to understand material.
- Rickey P. - Memphis, TN

Great place, great course, & great instructor.
- Joseph - Philadelphia, PA

Very informative - gave real world examples.  Scott is a great instructor and made certain that everyone was grasping the material.
- Ryan - Philadephia, PA

Experience based teaching, not just from books or manuals.  Good demos.
- Adam - Huntsville, AL

Adam was very knowledgeable on every topic.
- Wyatt B. - Laurel, MS

Instructor, course materials, and powerpoint presentation are very informative & gives the student vital information on completing and executing of task.  Excellent instruction and demonstrations.  Scott is very detailed and clearn in his delivery of information.
- Lindsey - Macon, GA

Scott is very knowledgeable and well versed in practical examples.  Well experienced.  Related course material to real life.
- Mike G. - Toronto, ON, CA

You can tell Adam enjoys what he does.  Good demonstrations.
- Richard K. - Memphis,TN

Scott is very personable, knowledgeable, and course is very informative.
- Mark D. - Chandler, NC